Is the grass roof eco friendly, cheaper and cooler?

Learn how installing a grass roof on your home can save you money on energy bills, help improve the biodiversity of your area and make you the talking point

grass roof

If you could improve the insulation of your home, save yourself money and save the bees would you take that option?

Well many others are taking that option with the grass roof becoming an increasingly popular choice for new builds in the UK.

Not everyone will be in the position to start a new build (which is the easiest way to install a grass roof) but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a grass roof altogether. You can convert your ordinary roof into a grass roof.

It is harder to do as it involves changing the structure of your existing roof but it is possible.

What is a grass roof?

A grass roof is as self explanatory as it gets. Popular in colder climates such as in Scandinavia the grass roof is an eco friendly way to top your home. It is quite simply a reinforced structure often pitched with specially selected choice of grass and flowers.

The grass roof is difficult to convert, you will need special planning permission and you will need to maintain the roof at least twice a year but that’s a small price to pay for the benefits.

What are the benefits of a grass roof?

The beauty of the grass roof is not only in the aesthetics, but in many of the other benefits that come with it;

The seeded roof will offer a greater biodiversity to the area (particularly important for urban areas), help the eco system (this is where the bee comes in to it), and more importantly it will save you money.

It will save you money because it is incredibly effective at insulation keeping your home warm very warm during winters or cool during summers. It is obviously made out of renewable materials, is extremely water resistant, offers excellent sound proofing, increases the air quality of the area and increases the lifespan of the roof.

You will be the envy or centre of attention in your neighbourhood and you will have an interesting story to tell at parties.

More importantly you will own a roof you can be immensely proud of (not many of us can say that can we?).

Image courtesy of The Family Adventure Project

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