3 Conversion Ideas for Old Railway Carriages for sale

You don’t have to be a rail enthusiast to see the green potential and creative genius involved with turning old railway carriages for sale into buildings.

old railway carriages for sale

You may instantly reject the idea of living in some old railway carriages for sale. Fair enough – they’re long and thin, incredibly heavy, and hard to transport once they’re off the tracks. Why on earth would anybody want to use one after they’ve been decommissioned, let alone live in one?

There are many reasons why actually. As you can imagine, old railway carriages are normally much cheaper than buying a traditional house outright. It’s also extremely green. Buying up an old railway carriage will stop it from being destroyed and potentially harming the environment. You would obviously have to make a few adjustments to make it possible to live inside one, such as steps to get to the door, sufficient insulation and new heating and electrical systems if you want to run any gas or electric appliances inside. But all of this can be more environmentally friendly to implement than constructing a new self-build.

Here are three ways that you could use some old railway carriages for sale.

1. A home made out of old railway carriages for sale

More and more people are looking for green ways to live and ways to make their home as close to being carbon-neutral as possible. Using a railway carriage would mean you’re not using (m)any new materials for your new home.

As long as you have the resources to transport the carriage to wherever you want it to reside, the conversion process can be quite simple. It can cost between roughly £5000 – £30,000 to buy old railway carriages, and several thousand pounds to transport it, install it, and for whatever materials and labour costs are needed to make it habitable. Even if a carriage costs near to £100,000, you’d still have a home that’s very cheap in comparison and just as capable of being energy efficient as a traditional home.

2. A hotel made out of old railway carriages for sale

You may have seen such a hotel while travelling on a train. In these old railway carriages in Cornwall, people can stay on self-catering holidays in several different carriages in two different locations. Even if you’re not a rail enthusiast, it would certainly make an original change from staying in a normal hotel or B&B. Three of these Cornwall-based railway carriages are situated right next to St. Germans station, one of the first stations you visit upon entering Cornwall by train.

3. A games room/children’s play area made out of old railway carriages for sale

If you’ve got kids on the way and are fighting for space in your home as it is, you may well be thinking of moving into a new house. As long as you can think of somewhere to put it, an old railway carriage would be a great space to turn into a play room which the kids can make use of for years and years to come. They’ll certainly have some fond memories that many other kids won’t have. Even if you don’t have kids, they’re a great way to extend your home without building anything on to your main house. For all the railway enthusiasts out there, it would be a great space to build the ultimate Hornby rail network!

For the general pros and cons of buying up an old railway carriage to live in, check this article out.

Image: Danie van der Merwe

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