Can making money from property be eco friendly?

Making money from property comes from all sorts of different methods. Discover if it is possible to make money from green property developing and how.

making money from property

It is the dream of many people; making money from property. What isn’t to like about the idea of owning a portfolio of properties that earn you a steady stream of income with minimal input?

There isn’t much to not like, but for the eco conscious of us business often gets in the way of going green. So can making money from property also be eco friendly?

Before we look at the possibilities of making property development green, we need to consider how people actually make money from property.

The methods of making money from property

  • Buy land and build, also known as developing
  • The idea is to find the ideal plot of land, build a building, be it residential or commercial and make money by selling or letting.
  • You can also buy the land, get planning permission and sell at this point. Whichever way you take, there is a decent profit to make at this stage.
  • Buy a property to renovate then sell or let
  • Most people making money from property that aren’t massive developers will do so using this method. Buy a run-down property and do it up effectively to increase the value or desire for the property.
  • Buy a property and let immediately.
  • Buy a property and lease to a business.
  • Buy land or property and start a business
  • There are many business ideas available that range from starting a paint balling site to setting up a mini commercial solar farm, and this is a difficult yet highly rewarding way to make money.

There will of course be many methods of making money from property and the list above is by no means extensive.

What is eco friendly property developing?

Eco friendly property developing is a promise, a promise to you and your investors that what ever you develop will be green. That could mean buying a plot of land and building an eco home, it could mean renovating or extending existing properties in a green way, or it could mean installing solar panel, good insulation and using the right materials to ensure the house is eco friendly.

Whatever the method, the aim at the heart of eco friendly property developing is ensuring that you keep the outcome green whilst making money.

How do you make money from property developing?

Basically eco property developing isn’t much different from normal property developing, the principle remains the same; making money from property. The art of making money from property is to follow certain rules, or guidelines such as the following;

You make most of your money when you buy

This is the most important rule of making money from property, remember it. If you can shave 10,000 off the buying price of a property that is an extra 10,000 pounds for you immediately.

Location, Location, Location

Forgive me for borrowing the headline from the popular Channel 4 TV show but it is all about the location. This doesn’t mean you need to buy a property or piece of land in the best location in town, far from it. That path would not lead you to making money from property.

What you need to do instead is research and discover the up and coming areas, find out about local developments and be shrewd.

Use auctions

Auctions are a fantastic place to find bargain buys and a place which can lead to significant profits for property developers. Just be careful to view the property before hand and remember that once you are successful bidder you have a legal obligation to pay.

Work out your maximum budget

Do not break this rule; it can lead you to financial ruin very quickly. Work out your buying price for the property, remember the first rule and do not go over budget when you are ‘building.

Green property developing tips

If you are selling or letting you have the choice to aim for the cheap, medium or luxury markets. At this moment in time, perhaps due to the economic crash, middle of the road doesn’t sell as well as cheap or luxury

You will be hard pressed to sell a green house cheaply without losing money so you will probably need to aim at the luxury market; people who love the idea of a green home.

There are a couple of other green property developing tips that will help you when making money from property;

Use all the grants available – The Government is very keen to improve the sustainability of Britain’s energy usage and this means there are and will be all forms of grants available for a few years yet.

The current scheme is the Green Deal. The idea of the green deal is to make eco friendly changes to your home, such as wall insulation, solar panels or new boilers. The cost of the work will be paid upfront and a debt will be put on the mortgage of the house, which you pay back through savings on energy bills. Just make sure you keep an eye out on government websites and take advantage of what’s available.

Make money from electricity -If you’re letting a property out you can get the feed in tariffs from green energy if you want. Meaning you can actually make money from generating electricity for your tenants.


It won’t be as easy making money from property in a traditional way compared to an eco friendly way. It is however definitely possible to make money from property in an eco friendly manner. All you have to do is care about the final outcome and stick to your principles. It may even result in greater profits for you if you are shrewd and know your market.

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