The Eco Advantages of building a Garden Office Shed

There are many people who’d benefit from owning a garden office shed. They’re an eco-friendly way of expanding your home or converting your current shed.

garden office shed

If you were thinking of moving home to somewhere with more space, don’t forget about the parts of your house which you could convert into further living areas. Your loft and your basement can both be turned into energy efficient living areas, as can your garage. But don’t forget your shed. You can easily turn it into a garden office shed rather than a neglected storage space!

Many people dream of having a quiet little space at the end of the garden that they can escape to. Whether it’s so they can work from home, relax, or have a place where the kids can go and play due to a lack of room indoors, converting a garden shed can solve your lack of space in a completely eco-friendly way. A garden office shed can make use of unused garden space and be hugely multi-functional.

Here are the four main eco advantages of building a garden office shed.

1. A modern garden office shed is efficiently insulated

While the walls of a garden office shed won’t be as thick and well-insulating as the walls of a house, they are sufficient for their purpose. The main point of having a garden office shed is that it is naturally lit so that you can work more productively or relax more easily. This means that a fair proportion of the shed will be made of windows or glass doors, which aren’t as well insulating as the shed walls they’re fitted into.

However, this also means that when it’s sunny but cold outside, the sun’s rays will be magnified and provide a suitable level of warmth inside the shed. Only in extremely cold conditions should you consider using artificial heating.

2. It’s a closer, more convenient space for when you need time out

Whenever you need to escape, and we all do at some point, you only have to trek to your back garden. Rather than getting in your car and driving somewhere, you can relax and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Also, by working at home in your garden office shed, you won’t be commuting and polluting and you’ll save money and fuel.

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3. The stress-free environment that a garden office shed offers will improve your own health and wellbeing

While not directly a green benefit, by working in a natural environment with only the sounds of birds tweeting and trees blowing in the wind you’ll soon feel the psychological and physical health benefits. This is a good idea for anyone with high blood pressure to consider, or people who work from home in demanding, stressful jobs. Many people are naturally more inclined to focus on environmental issues if they are feeling well in themselves.

4. They’re a far cheaper and greener type of home conversion/extension

Without a doubt building a garden office shed is a cheaper way to expand your home than converting your loft or basement. There are all types of issues with damp-proofing and insulation when doing these jobs that need to be addressed, but a garden office shed is a relatively simple and cost-effective procedure. A high quality shed can add as much as 5% to the value of your home, so it pays to build one even if you won’t use it all the time. They’re also one of the greenest forms of home conversion, as they don’t generally require as much artificial heating as an indoors room and are more effectively lit by natural means.

For the rough costs of different types of garden office shed, as well as some further benefits, check out this article.

Images: Matt’s Homes, Ian Britton

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