8 Tips to help you build your Green home

Follow these 8 tips to help you plan and create your ideal self-build green home. Fulfil your dream through relentless planning.

green home

There are not many opportunities to build a home from scratch so when the opportunity does arise for you lucky few you should make it a worthwhile experience.

It is the perfect opportunity to build a green home, a home you can quite rightly be proud of and expect to last a long time and secure your future. After all that is what anyone would want from their self built home.

It is important when planning how to build a green home to get it right! Here are 8 tips to help you on your way;

  1. 1. Choose the right plot

    This is obviously the first thing for you to consider when planning your green home. You need to consider; the positioning of the sun in relation to your plot, where the prevailing wind is, how much it rains, where the hills are and how the ground lays (useful for landscaping and insulation purposes) and how far away the plot is from good sustainable resources.

  1. 2. Get the right design/ get the right team

    The next most important step is to get the right team working for you. Consider your budget and your wants and research architects, builders and project managers thoroughly. You want the right design and team that understands what you want your green home will be.

  1. 3. Aim high

    If you are lucky enough to be building your own green home the chances are it will be your only opportunity ever. It is important to consider the design carefully and don’t cut corners.  Ensure the insulation is perfect, look at triple glazing, consider how you want to heat and power your home. Look at every angle possible.

  1. 4. Utilize the elements

    Recycle rain water for flushing purposes. Harness the sun for power and excellent use of natural light (there are loads of clever ‘sun-pipe’ designs around. Harness the wind for power and electricity. Use heat pumps to keep your well insulated home warm.

  1. 5. Don’t limit it to the building

    Your green home won’t be complete without an eco garden where you can have a vegetable patch, grow herbs, recycle waste and use sustainable sources.

  1. 6. Avoid concrete

    Concrete is a terrible material for the environment and would not fit into the green home desire, besides its ugly. Avoid the temptation.

  1. 7. Choose the right materials

    Consider everything from  efficient washing machines to hedges over fences.

  1. 8. Get inspired 

    Look at your favourite green homes, take ideas and be inspired to create your perfect green home.

Image: Competentroofer

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