Upside Down Living: the New Right Way Up?

The Pros and Cons of Upside Down living in an unconventional home.

upside down house

As with so many things that are only now beginning to grow in popularity in the UK, upside down living has long been a commonly subscribed to concept in Scandinavia. It seems that the Scandinavians have subscribed to the idea with good reason, too. Upside down living solves a number of the problems we face living in our conventionally laid out homes.

Upside down living is, quite simply, an inversion of the traditional floors of a standard family home. The bedrooms come downstairs, whilst the living areas move upstairs, meaning that much more time is spent up than down.

Why choose Upside Down living?

Living the other way around has various benefits. By situating bedrooms downstairs, you can ensure that those rooms are darker and cooler and therefore more suited to being slept in. At the same time, the living room, kitchen, etc, all benefit from more sunlight, daytime warmth, and also better views. Many of us miss out on the amazing views our homes might afford us if only we spent more time upstairs, and so by spending your daytime hours upstairs rather than downstairs it is possible to maximise time spent enjoying the features you paid for when you bought the house.

What are the Downsides?

Whilst upside down living is an interesting and, in many ways, a more sensible way of organising a home, it isn’t always the most practical of arrangements. Many homes in the UK are configured specifically for living downstairs and sleeping upstairs, and were not built with the intention of the two or more floors being shuffled around in the way they are used. One issue which is likely to affect everyday life is the carrying of shopping or other goods into the house. Getting groceries into a ground-floor kitchen can be a great enough task without having to negotiate armfuls of bags up a set of stairs, too. Living in a different way will also take some getting used to, and when it comes to selling the house on you may find that you have made the job much more difficult than it would otherwise have been. You may also lose something of the sense of security that sleeping upstairs creates. Locating bedrooms downstairs means sleeping in full view of anyone outside the house, which may not be the most comfortable experience in built-up areas.

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