Tradespeople part 5: Local carpenters

In part 5 of 7 where we discuss the professionals you’ll need for a self-build, we talk about local carpenters and what they’re responsible for.

local carpenters

Local carpenters play a very important role in your self-build project. These days more and more people are choosing to build their frame with timber rather than brick, and consequently there’s more work available for local carpenters. With them being increasingly in demand, you need to ensure you’ve booked one well in advance.

For a self-build home, you’re going to probably need a carpentry team. They’ll be responsible for building your suspended timber floors and constructing the roof frame. They’ll also be working side by side with the builder/bricklayer if you’re having your doors and windows installed at the same time as everything else.

Local carpenters’ work will finish when they have constructed the timber stud wall frames and completed the first fix work. This consists of installing the larger timber structures needed to complete the house’s skeleton. This includes things like the staircase, flooring and internal wall studs.

How involved do I have to be with their work?

You will have to be very involved. Regardless of whether you’ve hired someone else to be the project manager or you’re your own, you will probably want to visit the construction site at some point. A carpentry team’s work forms many of the basic structures of a house, so for your own peace of mind you should be present at least twice a week to see how everything’s going.

Make sure you have pre-warned local carpenters exactly how far you want their work to extend. Do you want just the basic house structures built or do you also want them to sort out smaller things built in individual rooms? You’ll need to make sure your carpenter is informed in both writing and in person so that they can relay exactly what you want back to their team.

It might be worth having a joint conversation with your carpenter and your plumber and electrician. They may require specific access points for their plumbing and wiring, and the carpenter will need to know of them beforehand.

Where can I find local carpenters and how much do I have to pay?

You can find local carpenters on or more specific sites like, where you can search for all the various professions you may need for a building project. Of course you can also ask your builder, plumber or electrician if they know of any reliable local carpenters who can work alongside them to get the job done. If they for whatever reason don’t know anyone, then check out the above websites and get in contact with your findings.

You should invite them to your site or let them view your building plans so that they can give accurate quotes in person and in writing. If a carpenter, or any professional for that matter, gives you a quote over the phone and won’t agree to come out to you, you shouldn’t use their services. Carpentry is one of the largest and most important parts of any build, so you’ll need to be alert to any rogues who’ll do a poor job and rip you off. The last thing you want is a house that subsides or warps because of neglectful carpentry.

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Image: Patrick-Emil Zörner

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