Tradespeople part 4: Local electricians

In part 4 of 7 where we discuss the professionals you’ll need for a self-build, we talk about local electricians and what they’re responsible for.

local electricians

When it comes to your wiring, you’ll want to make sure everything’s fitted safely. The last thing you’d want to happen in your newly built home is an entirely avoidable electrical fire. Local electricians should be fully qualified and able to officially certify the work that they do on your self-built home’s wiring.

If you’re your own project manager, you will need to be in contact with the other tradespeople you’ve hired to work on your new home, or if you’ve hired a design and build company someone else will liaise with the other tradespeople on your behalf. Local electricians will need to be informed of what everyone else is doing and most importantly when they’re doing it, particularly the carpenter. This is because your Local electricians will need to access the stud wall and ceiling before plasterboard is fitted to them.

They will need to make a return trip to your home once all finishings are completed in order to make connections to external switches and light fittings. In the grand scheme of things, local electricians’ roles are small, but one of the most important.

How involved do I have to be with their work?

You’ll need to be extremely involved if you’re running the project yourself. The electrician’s job will need very specific timing according to when your other hired tradespeople are working. As such you will have to be a very effective organiser.

Also, because every bit of an electrician’s work needs to be certified, you may have to sign a few official documents. Irrespective of whether you’re your own project manager or not, you’ll need to attend the site at the some point. As with any other part of the construction process, it won’t hurt just to pop along to confirm anything that local electricians are unsure of.

Where can I find local electricians and how much do I have to pay?

As with any professional, it is a good idea to get quotes from three different electricians to get a rough idea what the best price is. Before you call anybody up, you should do a little research first. Make sure to search for registered electricians on the Electrical Safety Register website, as every electrician who is trustworthy and able to fit your wiring safely will be registered with them.

For any larger electrical job, you should arrange for local electricians to come and look at the site, or at least the plans for your self-build construction. Ask for a written quotation for the whole job which includes all the costs for labour and materials and anything else the electrician wants to charge for. As mentioned above, do this for at least three electricians and you’ll have sufficient means to judge who’s best to hire for your budget.

It won’t hurt to ask for references from them either. Any good electrician will be able to get hold of previous clients who are satisfied with the work they did.

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