Renewable Energy the Best Way Forward as we face 17 Years of Rising Bills

Renewable energy solutions will prove the best way forward in today’s tough economic times.


Wind, solar, and water power are looking ever more like the best way forward today as watchdogs warn that electricity and water bills look set to rise at rates exceeding inflation for the next 17 years.

Bills are likely to reach an average of £2,135 per year, or £2,833 with water included, and the National Audit Office (NAO) says this is a conservative estimate. Customers will bear the brunt of the rising costs as energy companies hand down the cost of £310billion worth of investment.

The NAO warns that the government, however, is not sure how many people will be able to keep up with their bills. The Office’s warning comes with 5million homes in fuel poverty and having to spend over 10% of income on utility bills at an average of £1,434 per year.

The news came as the fifth of the ‘big six’ energy companies announced it was raising prices by 3.9%. Whilst far below its rivals’ increases, the company warned that this was only sustainable if ministers cut green taxes.

The NAO said also that water companies’ bills have warned their bills could increase by 28% by the end of the next decade.

In light of this news, renewable energy looks set to come into its own. Rainwater harvesting and solar power could prove to be the answer to the questions of people across the UK. Not only would this benefit people’s pockets, but their environments too.

Photo: Andreas Klinke Johannsen

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