Protect your Property with a Property Guardian

Protect your property with a Property Guardian. Save on security, and keep up with maintenance for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.


Leaving commercial property vacant for any amount of time can be a risky move, so leaving buildings unused for longer stretches of time could be disastrous. A property guardian could be exactly what you need to help keep your commercial property in order whilst it remains empty.

A Property Guardian is an individual who, instead of renting or buying in the traditional ways, agrees to pay a lower fee for a property which is temporarily not being used for its intended purpose and whose owners would prefer it to be looked after whilst it remains in that state.

The Advantages of a Property Guardian

Whilst the property guardian him/herself gets to enjoy an unusual living space at a low cost, the property owner is able to rest assured that their property is being looked after much better than if it were to be boarded up, guarded by patrols, or simply left empty and unattended.

Who to contact

Companies such as Live-in Guardians specialise is finding suitable property guardians to take care of your vacant property. They understand that your property is a valuable asset, and as such do all they can to maintain its value until such a time as you decide it is needed again.

live in guardians Protect your Property with a Property Guardian

Potential property guardians are strictly vetted and must prove themselves to be of stable income and lifestyle before being allocated to a property. Once situated, guardians act as brilliant deterrents to any vandals, squatters, thieves, or trespassers who might otherwise have taken the opportunity to enter the unoccupied building. Additionally, the presence of a temporary tenant means that any issues regarding the property can be immediately reported to the property owner who can then proceed to sort the problem before it causes any significant, costly damage.

By taking care of your property with Live-in Guardians or similar companies, you can expect to save up to around 80% compared to traditional static security guards, and up to 50% compared to boarding up the entire property for the duration of its vacancy.

All kinds of Properties

Live-in Guardians will look after all sorts of different properties which the property guardians will find interesting and enjoyable to live in. They will place guardians in mansions, flats, offices, schools, pubs, care homes, shops, and churches amongst others, and more often than not the building will be handed back in better shape than it was left in.

Frequently Asked Questions – Live-In Guardians Limited

  1. Why choose a property guardian over traditional security?Property guardians provide the most cost-effective and hassle-free way of looking after empty property, saving up to 80% on traditional security guards and up to 50% on boarding up, which simply tells opportunists that the property is empty.
  2. What sorts of properties are considered?
    Almost any kind of building is suitable for a property guardian providing it is watertight and has a supply of electricity and cold water. Temporary kitchens can be fitted for the guardian and removed before you get the property back.
  3. Does using a Property Guardian require ‘change of use’ permission?
    No, because the property’s primary use remains the same. A temporary use in a different way is not relevant, and does not need to be addressed.
  4. Does a guarded property still qualify for empty rates?
    Yes, a guarded property will still be eligible for empty rates as the property guardian provides a service in looking after vacant property.
  5. Can a property guardian obtain Tenancy Rights?
    No, they cannot. The legal structure of companies such as Live-in Guardians means that Tenancy Rights cannot be obtained. The company maintains a relationship with the guardians, doing their best to re-home them once the property is once again needed by the owner.
  6. Is the weekly management fee based upon the number of property guardians in the property?
    No, the fee is based entirely upon the size of the property, no matter how many guardians inhabit it.
  7. How do you manage the property and the property guardian?Live-in Guardians Limited will carry out regular surprise inspections to make sure that the property guardian is adhering to the various rules and regulations that come with living in one of the vacant properties it looks after. The findings of each inspection are set out in a report which is then delivered to the property owner.
  8. What happens when I need my property back?
    The property can be returned to you for use in its originally intended manner at relatively short notice. You will get the property back in a secure, clean, and tidy condition, often better than that in which you left it.
  9. Who might the Property Guardian be?
    Each property guardian is carefully selected and thoroughly vetted before being placed in a vacant property. They will be in full-time employment and between 25-45 years of age in most cases. This ensures that you have reliable, safety-conscious, socially responsible people guarding your property.
  10. Will I still have access to the building?
    Yes, you will have access. Each property guardian enters into an agreement which allows access to you and to Live-in Guardains employees at all times. However, any third-party access requires 24 hours notice.

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