The Pros and Cons of Building a Bungalow

Why building a bungalow could be for you, but might not be for everyone.


Building a bungalow will make a lot of sense to a lot of people, for all sorts of different reasons. Bungalows are simply houses built on one level rather than two or more. Bungalows begun to be built here in the UK back in the 1860s, and by the 1920s were exported to the USA, where they are still popular now. However, back here in Britain they have suffered something of an image crisis and the restricted amount of land available to us to build on means that they are not overly practical either. Bungalows are more popular in rural areas where land is not an issue, but city bungalows are not something seen very often.

The Advantages of building a bungalow

Accessibility. One of the most obvious pro points of building a bungalow is the accessibility such homes offer. People with young children, those who are elderly, or those not as mobile as others will find single-storey living much more manageable than climbing the stairs to bed each night.

Extension potential. Bungalows are much easier to customise in the future as your needs change and adapt to your situation. Adding a room to a bungalow is much easier than doing the same with a two storey house, and an open plan flow is much more easily achieved on one level than on two or more. Multi-storey homes are broken up by stairs and rails, whereas a single storey will flow smoothly from room to room.

The Disadvantages

Cost per square foot. As with a bungalow it is necessary to built across more of the property’s land than with a house, the cost of each square foot is greatly increased. Building upwards is undeniably the cheaper option, but if you’re building in a rural area with plenty of space then this needn’t be a concern.

Reputation. The bad image of bungalows just doesn’t seem ready to drop off yet. This kind of home is commonly considered to be out-of-date and stuffy. When building a home it is vital that the saleability is considered. Will a potential buyer be put off by the reputation of bungalows as old-fashioned? If you design yours well enough, perhaps not.

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