Do you need a Green Deal Assessment to claim RHI?

Anyone living in a newly built home should not need to have a green deal assessment to claim RHI, but calculations can be complicated.

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When looking to claim for the renewable heat incentive (RHI), those of us who have commissioned a builder to build a single house for our own use should fall under the definition of self-builders for the purposes of the renewable heat incentive.

Anyone living in a newly built home which meets current building regulations should not need to have a green deal assessment to claim RHI.

All that is necessary in order to claim RHI is the energy performance certificate (EPC). This certificate will show you the figures for heat demand for both water and space heating. These figures are then used to come up with your RHI payments.

Calculations can become more complicated where equipment such as an air source heat pump is included in the system, whereas biomass boilers and solar thermal systems are fairly easy to calculate around.

Details of the process are still being worked out, but it should not be necessary to have a green deal assessment to claim RHI.

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