Green Buildings vital for Construction 2025

Green buildings could help grow the UK economy whilst improving our housing stock.

The government this year highlighted the necessity of the progress of green buildings and smart technology in its Construction 2025 strategy, which outlines plans to boost the country’s economy.

The report, produced as a collaborative effort between organisations such as the FMB and UCL, plans a vision of the UK as the world leader in ‘low-carbon and green construction exports’ by 2025. It also sets out a target of a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in built up environments.

Support for BIM is clear, as shown in the following statement: “Government will mandate BIM for all centrally procured government contracts from 2016. Industry must therefore meet the challenge – only through the implementation of BIM will we be able to deliver more sustainable buildings, more quickly and more efficiently. BIM is also critical to the successful implementation of a wider offsite manufacturing strategy.”

In response to the report, which highlights the ways in which green buildings can benefit the UK, John Alker of UK-GBC said: “We welcome publication of the construction strategy, which makes it clear that sustainability can act as a stimulus for growth, provide export opportunities and drive innovation right across the supply chain. The challenge now for government is to ensure that the ambition translates into action, by providing clarity on issues like zero carbon homes, and giving industry confidence in the future of green policy.”

To download your own copy of Construction 2025 from BIS, click here.

Image by Loughborough University Library

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