Going Green in 2014

There really are no excuses for not going green in 2014, so check out how with The Green Home!

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2014 really is the perfect time for you to go green. Despite the fact that the government pledged to cut green levies by £50, it has been reported that only 2 of the ‘big 6’ energy companies will pass this saving directly on to the customer. Due to this, now is the perfect time to make going green your New Year’s resolution. Here’s how you can make sure that you achieve this goal.

Make the Little Changes Part of Your Routine 

We all know that every little helps. However, having said this, changing your routine is far from easy, and old habits die hard. Now, however, is the perfect time to make these changes and transform the whole family. Although the tasks may seem arduous, it will all be worth it when you get your next bill through, so consider:

  • Putting a jumper on instead of the heating
  • Taking full control of your thermostat rather than placing it on a timer
  • Destroying draughts with draught excluders
  • Turning off appliances at the plug rather than placing them on standby
  • Making your lighting more efficient by using energy saving bulbs

These are only a couple of the measures that you can take that require very little time or money. For more ideas, consult the Energy Saving Trust.

Make The Larger Changes You’ve Been Planning

Although these small changes will help in the long term, they’ll only create a small impact immediately and, as a result, you really need to start thinking on a larger scale. Obviously, for these, there’s a much larger cost involved, but it is one that you’ll receive back through efficiency savings, and it is one that will ensure that your resolution gets fulfilled this year. So consider:

  • Switching to an energy efficient boiler
  • Adding more insulation to your loft
  • Improving your windows and doors to stop heat escaping

All of these require professional help and, if you’re unable to afford this, you should still consider a large scale change that will cost time rather than money. The best way to do this is to make your garden eco-friendly. Small touches like adding flower beds, decking, a pond and a birdhouse will all help massively. These are labour intensive, but come at a minimal cost and will improve the green value of your home while making it look pretty in the process. All you’ll need is yourself and, if you get some specialist tools from somewhere like the Anglia Tool Centre you’ll have the job done in no time.

No matter what scale suits you, there’s no excuse for not going green in 2014.

Written by Tom Nelson

Image by Jo Marshall

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