The Green Deal Certification: Making Energy Efficiency Easy

Green living expert Emily Bradbury tells us how important it is to look out for the Green Deal certification when looking for installers.


With green products and green installation becoming more and more commonplace, it is easier than ever to ‘go green’ in the home. But with supply and demand, comes the cowboys. And something that starts off with good intentions – such as improving your homes energy efficiency – can end up costing you dear in the long run.

But as there are ways to ensure that you don’t end up out of pocket, and that you can still achieve your green aspirations. The UK’s Green Deal Certification helps installers prove their legitimacy, and helps homeowners choose a trustworthy tradesman every time.

Here we’re going to look into the Green Deal Certification in a little more detail and show you can make energy efficiency easy:

What is the Green Deal?

This UK Government initiative aims to cut the country’s carbon emissions in half by 2050, through the installation of energy efficiency measures on both commercial and residential buildings. All these improvements are carried out by certified individuals at no up-front cost to the consumer. Instead, you make the repayments via reductions in your energy bills.

Who qualifies for the Green Deal?

Most UK homeowners and businesses can qualify for some form of Green Deal funding. Providing you meet the prerequisites, this is in the form of either an ECO grant or pay-as-you-save Green Deal loans. These requirements are:

  • That the property has its own electricity meter
  • That the energy supplier is participating in the scheme

All suppliers with more than 250,000 customers are legally obliged to participate in the scheme, so be sure to contact yours directly to find out more about whether you qualify.

How do you pay for the work?

You pay for the work via a system known as the Golden Rule. This sets out that any charge for energy efficient measures – which is attached to your bills – must be less than the expected savings over its lifespan.

For example; if roof insulation would save you £20 a month on your energy bills; you must pay less than this a month towards the repayment of your Green Deal Loan.

How can you become a Green Deal installer?

If you’re interested in qualifying to become a Green Deal certified installer, it is a fairly straightforward process:

  • Prove that your business meets all the requirements for installation, management and provision.
  • Abide by the Green Deal Code of Practice
  • Get registered by the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body

Only registered installers can install Green Deal measures, and must have been properly assessed and licence before they can do so.

How much does it cost, and how long does registration take?

The Green Deal certification process can take as little as 14 days but only as long as 3 weeks before you can work as an approved installer. Prices will vary depending on the size of your business and the number of people requiring approval. It can start at £395+VAT.

For both installers and homeowners, the Green Deal process makes energy efficiency easy. With multiple benefits for all involved, it is a great way to go green and slash the cost of your household expenses.

Auriga Services is a UK based assistance fund that helps businesses and their customers meet the payments on their energy bills. To find out more about Auriga and how it can help you, visit the website.

By Emily Bradbury

Edited by Helen Kinsella

Image sourced: Department of Energy and Climate Change

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