Renewables Marketplace- a New Way to Collabirate in Energy Saving

Last month, a new online networking platform was launched to encourage collaboration between private and public organisations and community groups, to help renewable energy to become more widely attainable.

renewables marketplace

The site, Renewables Marketplace was set up by the Renewable Energy Association to offer an opportunity for these groups to build connections and share advice and resources.

The platform, which is free to use, works in a similar way to classified websites such as Gumtree. Adverts posted on the site in the first month alone include; opportunities to source surplus industry biomass, old wooden pallets available for reuse, communities in need of waste heat sources for heating greenhouses, and even partnership opportunities and competitions.

The REA hope that the site will soon become the go-to place for anyone looking for the advice or inexpensive resources they need to make renewable energy more attainable, and that it will provide an invaluable service for anyone interested in “supplying their own energy, saving money, investing in the future, recycling their waste, helping to address climate change and making new business partnerships.”

If the site continues in its success, it may also become helpful in boosting employment within green industry, technology and installations, making jobs within these roles easier to find and apply for, as well as strengthening links between renewable industries and the wider community.

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