Plumbing Tools: Explained

Many consumers will be in need of a handy guide to plumbing tools.

plumbing tools

The most experience that many people have with plumbing tools is when they struggle  with the pipe work beneath their kitchen sink. This is usually teamed with the fact that they do not got a clue as to which pipe does what job, a disaster is sure to follow.

Repairing old pipe work can be a tough job and your time would be far better spent installing new pipe work. This would also be much cleaner and easier job. Whatever you decide, this type of project should only be taken on if you feel confident with your abilities. Once you have decided to begin your project, the first part would be knowing which plumbing tools would be suitable and would help you to do the best job possible.

Critical Elements Inside Every Plumber’s Toolbox

These critical elements inside every plumber’s toolbox are tools that would be used everyday.


Hacksaws would be one necessary in everyday work as they would be used for cutting pipes, plastic trunking or conduit. The best way to make the job faster, safer and easier would be to choose the right blades. The blade that you decide to use would depend on the thickness of the material that you are hoping to cut through.  If the materials is thicker than 10mm then it would be better to use a coarser blade ( 14 or 18 teeth per inch, or tpi). If the material is between 3mm and 10mm in thickness then a medium blade would be suitable ( 24tpi). If the material is fairly thin with a thickness of less than 3mm then a fine blade of 32tpi would be your best option. As a general rule the coarser the blade the faster and rougher the cut, while the finer blades tend to cut more slowly and offer a neater finish.

It would be a good idea to choose your tools with the idea of comfort in mind as your hands can become sore after using a tool for a substansial amount of time. Try and choose a hacksaw with an open pistol grip and traditional closed handle, this will help with comfort. The frame should feel balanced and rigid when tense and you should be able to reposition the blade at an angle for cutting. The frames with softer grips at the front will be much more comfortable, especially if you plan to use the too repeatedly.

 Pipe Cutters (Small)

To explain simply, pipe cutters are a hand tool used for cutting pipe.

In some areas that are particularly small, not even a junior hacksaw would be an appropriate tool and so in these cases a very small 15mm or 22mm pipe cutter would be your best bet. These tools are fairly cheap and they are able to twist around the pipe and create a very neat cut.

Pipe Cutters (Large)

larger pipe cutters are specialist items and would need to be hired. They do work in the same way but are typically used for larger bore pipe work.

A Simple Pipe Spring

If you decide that using modern plastic piping is not for you then you will need to know how to bend copper piping. The simplest and cheapest method is a simple pipe spring. There are both internal and external fitting versions that are available for consumers to buy and the internal fitting are usually the most common. You will need to slide the spring into the pipe and then you will be able to gently bend it.

It would be a good idea to try and remember that this technique can either go very well or very badly. You should try not to create to many bends close together as this can be very awkward. Another scenario could be that that you create a bend that is too tight and this can restrict the flow, which would not be very good for the shower feed.

 Top Tip

Try to invest in a tube bender as this tool comes with a number of fixed curve formers. These will give the optimum radius. There are also straight formers which will offer support to the adjacent pipe as bend is being made.


 Wall Chasers

It is possible to hire wall chasers if you are only tackling a small amount of jobs during one project. It is also possible to buy one for around £150, however they will have a limited amount of cutting width and depth.

A wall chaser can be used to cut very neat channels into masonry into recess pipes and wiring.  Two diamond cutting discs are driven by a motor, the discs are able to make a channel that is up to 30mm deep. The channel is enclosed in a shroud that protects the user and this channels the dust into the extraction outlet.

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