Encompass Bureau management service from Npower

Businesses have the chance to learn a little more about saving on energy bills with Npower’s Encompass Bureau service.

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Energy supplier Npower has launched its Encompass Bureau management service which aims to help businesses to take better control of their energy consumption.

Companies are offered access to an energy analyst who will monitor the company’s energy consumption and identify areas where they are wasting energy and could potentially save money on their bills.

Forticrete, a manufacturer of building materials, recently took Encompass Bureau for a trial run. Karl Stevens, the company’s health, safety, and environmental advisor, said: “As a company, we’re fully aware of the business benefits of energy efficiency and had already implemented some monitoring measures. However, we needed a simple, effective information tool before deciding on the most appropriate measures to deliver the best results.

“encompass Bureau has enabled us to hone in on our usage and find patterns across each site. We’re able to share the monthly reports with individual site managers, which allows the environmental team to work closely with them to highlight any energy wastage and implement the right solutions for that site.

“[the service] has provided us with the right level of expertise to make savings, reduce our energy usage and carbon footprint and fulfil our Carbon Reduction Commitment. We’re continuing to use the service so that our internal team can focus on all of the other areas on our sustainability agenda.”

The reports produced by Encompass Bureau are tailored uniquely for every business and its sites so that information is completely relevant and accurate. The service is available to all Npower business customers.

For more information, visit Npower.

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