How to use the Water Technology List for ECA tax Relief

Businesses can use ECA to get tax relief for technologies on the Water Technology List. Technologies such as rainwater harvesting systems meet the criteria.


The Water Technology list was put in place to encourage companies to make use of technologies that will reduce the amount of water they use, and improve the quality of that water.

These businesses benefit through the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA), which can give them tax relief.


Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA):

This scheme captures the attention of many businesses as for the first year there is an offer of 100 per cent allowance for investments in certain machinery and plants that are water efficient.

The main reason behind this being such an appealing factor for business, would be because it can bring significant financial savings and also reduce the environmental impact of their business.

The ECA water scheme includes numerous technologies such as, industrial equipment, energy efficient taps and toilets. The products which are included within the ECA Scheme are all noted within The Water Technology List.


Expansion of the Water Technology List:

The Government’s commitment to the scheme is now evident through the expansion of the Water Technology list. The Government is also supporting businesses throughout the UK in the reduction of water consumption.

As the water supplies have become an increasing issue there has also been a surge in assistance provided. In order for products to be a part of the Water Technology List, they must first meet all of the criteria required.

Here are just some technologies currently on the Water Technology List:

  • Flow controllers
  • Leakage detection equipment
  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Washing machines
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Taps
  • Greywater recovery


Rainwater Harvesting:

There is now also a range of Rainwater Harvesting equipment offered by Waterscan. These products are all intended to collect and treat rainwater with the intention of confronting the following issues.

  • Cooling and cleaning rainwater
  • Water that is not for consumption but for other applications such as flushing toilets or for washing clothes


Image: Alan Cleaver

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