The benefits of the Renewable Heating Incentive

The Renewable Heating helps homeowners, landlords and self-builders install renewable heating technology. A Green Deal grant may also be used alongside RHI.

the benefits of the renewable heating incentive

The renewable heating incentive, also known as RHI, was launched in November 2011.It is the first scheme of its kind. The main objective of the incentive is to increase the levels of heat generated via renewable sources.

The UK has a target that 15% of our energy has to be from renewable sources. The RHI has been implemented to help achieve this target. Every household is free to apply to the renewable heating incentive.


What are the benefits of joining?

If you join as a homeowner you may be paid hundreds of pounds each year for the heat you have generated and ‘sold back’.

This incentive has been put in place to encourage homeowners to cut carbon. This should help the UK meet their 15% target for energy efficiency.


Who is eligible?

The coalition government has stated that they are ‘committed to helping hardworking families with the cost of living’. The RHI will eventually lead to cheaper household energy bills.

Householders can now invest in a range of heating technologies and benefit from the clean green heat produced. The Coalition is committed to boosting and sustaining growth in this sector.

The scheme is open to:

  • Home owners
  • Private landlords
  • Social landlords
  • Third party owners of heating systems
  • Self-builders


What renewable technologies are supported?

The scheme will support air to water heat pumps; biomass only boilers and biomass pellet stoves with back boilers; ground and water source heat pumps; flat plate and evacuated tube solar thermal panels.

Payments are made over a 7-year period, on a quarterly basis.

The tariff levels are set against the estimated renewable heat generated over a period of 20 years.

Anyone who is MCS certified is permitted to install renewable heating kits.


Green Deal grants:

Homeowners that are registered with the Green Deal may be able to get a Green Deal Grants to help with the costs of the renewable heating kit.

The Green Deal has been set up to help homeowners pay for energy efficient home improvements by giving them savings on the household energy bills.

Consumers can now have certainty on whether they will be entitled for the RHI when it launches thanks to the publication today of the final eligibility requirements, alongside the final tariffs.


Author Bio:

Chris Kulski works for Green Deal Accredited and is into all things green. You can connect with him on Google+


Edited by Lee Cargill

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