Early Adopters of Renewable Heat Face Risks If Moving House

Those who were first to adopt renewable heating systems in their homes are being warned that they risk losing out if they move house before receiving their RHI payments.

renewable heat moving house

Homeowners who installed renewable heating systems, including heat pumps, biomass boilers or solar thermal panels before the Renewable Heat Incentive came into law will have faced a potentially long wait between installation and the beginning of RHI payments.

But moving house before the payments have been made means that the benefits will pass on to the next owner, meaning those who are considering moving risk losing out.

Those who have installed renewable heating systems and are considering moving home are being urged to reconsider until they have received the payments they are entitled to, to avoid disappointment.

If moving house before the payments are made is unavoidable, all is not lost. The savings made from using renewable heating in your home should have been evident in your energy bills from day one of using your installation. This alone, along with the future benefits of the RHI can be used as huge selling points on your home, and you may be able to negotiate a higher selling price on your property because of these benefits.

If, however, you’re in a position where you are considering moving house but unsure as to when your payments will start, speak to your installer or check your RHI contract to avoid missing out on the benefits that the RHI can bring.

Image sourced: David Hawgood

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