Building Regulations Inspection Stages

Find out about the various steps in the Building Regulations Inspection process.


When undertaking a building project it is required by Building Regulations (Building Regs) that notice is given to the local authority at the point of completion of several certain stages of the build project.

Building Regulations Inspections are carried out at these various points of completion, and it is important that a sufficient amount of notice is given to the local authority prior to the inspection being carried out.

Building regulations Inspection stages and Notice periods

The stages to be inspected and the notice required prior to inspection are detailed in the table below:

Stage of Work Notice Required Prior to Inspection

2 Days

Excavations of Foundations

1 Day

Concrete Foundations

1 Day

Damp-proof Course

1 Day

Hardcore Over Site

1 Day

Drain Connection with Sewer

1 Day

Drain Inspection

1 Day

Drain backfilled and ready for Test

Within 5 Days

Final Completion/Occupation before Completion

5 Days

Giving notice of Inspection Stages to Building Regulations

Once each stage is completed, all construction should halt in order to allow the local authority the time to make a thorough inspection. If any of the work carried out does not comply with Building Regulations, the local authority will advise you of the necessary changes to be made.

In cases where the local authority is not informed of the completion of the certain stages of work required for inspection it may require, via written correspondence, that the work site be opened up for an inspection to be carried out in order that it can be established whether or not the completed building work is compliant with the Building Regulations (Building Regs).

Find out More about Building Regulations Inspection Stages

To find out more about building regulations relevant to a particular build project, it is necessary firstly to identify the appropriate local authority for the build’s location, and to contact them directly.



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