6 Great Eco Gardening Tips

How to start a great eco gardening plan to look after yourself and the plants and animals around you.


If you love gardening then you will probably want to keep your garden free from unwanted visitors and pests but still protect other animals and the environment in the process.

Here are some brilliant eco gardening tips for designing a garden that will help the animals that live in it while not harming them or the environment.

Encourage natural pest control

If you have a lot of bugs that are eating your plants, you do not have to use pesticides to get rid of them. Instead, you could style your garden to try and attract other types of insects that would normally eat them. This would get rid of your pests in a way that is natural, without harming other animals. Equally, you could put up some bird feeders to encourage birds to come and visit your garden.  You will also provide these bugs and birds with a place to come food and possibly to lay they eggs.

Grow your own fruits and vegetables

You’re not truly eco gardening until you’re growing your own fruit and vegetables! This will reduce the amount of food that we need to import from abroad, will save you money, and will also help to cut carbon emissions and protect the environment.

Start a compost bin

A key component of any eco gardening plan is to start a compost bi. This will also help you to get rid of your food waste in a more environmentally friendly way. 

Mow your weeds

Instead of using a weed killer that contains lots of chemicals, regularly mow your weeds instead. This will also prevent the weed killer harming other things that grow on your lawn.

Making a pond

Adding a pond or small bird bath can help some smaller animals have somewhere to come for a drink. You could also collect natural rain water to use when it is time to water your plants to limit the amount of water that you use on your garden.

Installing a fence

Installing a fence can be a great way to keep larger unwanted animals like dogs and cats that might harm the other animals and plants out of the garden. You could get a tall panel one that they will not be able jump over it, but also ensure that they will not be able to try and squeeze under it and get stuck. Look at lots of stores like Buy Fencing Direct for some options that you could buy.

Written by Tom Nelson

Image by Ano Lobb

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